Lian Ward is a highly skilled pianist, piano and music teacher who has been successfully teaching piano and Music in reputable high schools and her own private studio in Sydney since 2010. Promoting her passion for holistic music experiences, she believes music has the power to shape and change people's lives.

Lian started playing the piano at age 4 and received piano lessons throughout high school where she began to experiment with different styles of music including pop, Jazz, film and contemporary, whilst establishing her private piano studio.

Lian has completed her Bachelor of Music/ Bachelor of Education (Secondary) degree from the University of New South Wales and has over 17 years experience studying Classical piano. She has trained with various teachers including James Muir, Dr Christine Logan and Dr Kim Burwell and continues to perform, record and compose music in her own time.

Her teaching philosophy aims to promote personalised learning experiences that inspire and empower all students to connect with music making whilst maintaining a life-long interest in Music.

Lian truly believes in providing each student with a well-rounded musical education. Through the inclusion of exciting repertoire, an array of learning opportunities and a sense of spontaneity, Lian aims to uncover and equip each student with essential 21st century learning tools to explore and grow within their unique musical journey.

Lian continues to grow and expand in the field of education and music through continual research and commitment to her professional development .


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