Lian’s Piano Studio

Lian’s Piano Studio is located in Epping in Sydney’s North-Western Suburbs and offers one-on-one piano tuition that aims to foster the holistic musical development of students by participating in a range of musical styles and activities. Activities in the lessons are designed to push the creative and performative abilities of all students to the next level, whilst taking into account individual student’s needs and interests. A main goal at LPS is to nurture a long-term love and interest of Music. Opportunities to perform are highly encouraged and include participating in eisteddfods, competitions, studio concerts and AMEB examinations. 

Program Structure          

  Students are taught how to perform, practice and appreciate music through learning the piano, with a focus on integrating principals of technique, artistry, performance and musicianship into each lesson. Lessons are individually tailored towards each student and intrinsically and extrinsically motivating. Fundamental skills in playing the piano are focused upon in each lesson such as developing technique and musicality through scales, technical exercises, musical games, performance and recording opportunities, and learning music from a variety of performance styles including but not limited to Classical music, Popular music, Contemporary Music, Music of other cultures, Film, Jazz and Musical theatre.

            For beginner students, piano lessons are focused on fostering a deep passion for music, developing key expressive and communication skills on the piano, and developing basic music reading and technical proficiencies on the instrument. As students progress, a huge emphasis is placed on fostering a student’s life-long interest as a musician.  This means developing the skills for each student to not only demonstrate adept skills at playing the piano, but who can create, communicate through their music, improvise, play music in bands, and sight-read to a proficient level.  A variety of performance opportunities are provided throughout the year for students to participate in ranging from studio concerts to eisteddfods. Music examinations are offered throughout my program through AMEB and ABRSM for students to participate in. 

What is offered?

            All students are encouraged to learn for their enjoyment and for a life-long love of music. Through a tailored curriculum with plenty of educational and engaging activities, lessons are offered to students of all levels, ranging from beginners to advanced students completing 8th grade and HSC Music. Each individually balanced program incorporates traditional and contemporary teaching methods with the integration of ICT (Information Communications Technology) for key 21st century learning skills.

             P Plate Piano, Piano and Piano for Leisure Examinations are offered bi-annually through AMEB. Opportunities to participate in eisteddfods and competitions are also encouraged to interested and highly skilled pianists.

            In summary all lesson focus on instilling a strong practice discipline, whilst offering a motivating, inspirational, and enjoyable music lesson experience for all students.

 Learning outcomes

·      Developed aural perception, sight-reading skills and rhythmic awareness.

·      Developed posture and technical fluency through scales, arpeggios and studies.

·      Improvisatory experiences that coordinate with theory and songs learnt.

·      Developed skills in accompaniment, or playing in small ensembles.

·      Developed understanding of the history and developments of music styles over time

·      Fun and enjoyment for all learners developing a life-long love of music.